Functional Design

BRS-12A3 is an ultra-compact, 3 channel, powered subwoofer designed for installation or portable use. With exceptional low frequency of 36 Hz and fast response time of the 12” long excursion driver, the BRS-12A3 is capable of 129 dB SPL. Weighing 25.6 kg with integrated handles and pole mount connections, this product is perfect for portable use. With discreet installation in mind, the 333 mm low profile design allows for easy installation under industry standard fixed seating or in the air with the optional ceiling bracket.

User Friendly

The BRS-12A3 back panel has been simplified to make setup easy. There are no buttons or dials, just physical connections and a touchscreen. The power can be switched on and off by turning the switch rated powerCON TRUE1 connector, even under full load. There are no fans in this unit as it self cools. So there are no filters to clean and no vents to protect from unwanted liquid or particle ingress. For flexibility each input has a link out, so your system can grow as your projects do.


The BRS-12A3 houses 2 kW of Class D amplifier power, split into a passive BRS-12 subwoofer channel link plus 2 x 500 W (4 ohm) for passive mid-high speaker combinations.


This unit encompasses all the power for a complete system, controlled by Ohm’s pro-A-sync DSP software through a USB interface, giving access to PEQ, limiting, gain, delay, firmware updates and more.

RMS and look-ahead Peak limiter ensures total system protection.
With rear mounted touch display for loading saved pre-set and accessing DSP parameters such as phase, gain, delay, level and gain reduction meters. A swipe down turns off the screen and swipe up turns it on again.