The TRS-212A is a high-power, passive, point source touring grade cabinet. Designed for front of house applications with issue-free installation and performance, the TRS-212A has an impressive frequency response of 66 Hz to 22.1 kHz (- 10 dB) enabling it to be used as a full range cabinet for venues short on space for subwoofers.

The TRS-212A is a self-powered, using high-powered 2 kW Class D amplifiers and integrated DSP. FIR filtering gives detail and definition to any performance. This power is fully controlled & protected with peak and RMS limiting ensuring issue-free installation and performances. Designed for front of house applications, this cabinet incorporates Ohm’s TRS stacking system which allows secure stacking of multiple cabinets on TRS-218/A

Using two of Ohm’s proprietary 12” cast aluminium chassis drivers and a 1.5” HF compression driver with constant directivity horn, dispersion is a tight 60° x 40° with an incredible SPL of 140 dB (peak).

This robust enclosure has a HEX design front grill, hardwearing Polyurea paint finish and two bar handles on each side. Integrated rubber feet are located on underside of the enclosure for securing in multiple ground stack positions on TRS-218/A and TRS-118/A subwoofers.

Mounting options include six integrated aluminium Aeroquip flying points (for use with CFEK flying eyes) located on the top and rear and bottom of the enclosure giving flexibility over horizontal or vertical flying positions.

The rear connection plate has two input and two link XLR connectors and a powerCON®TRUE1 input and link fitted as standard.

Available separately is a TRS-212 dolly-board enabling easy, single person movement between venues which connects to the front grill using butterfly clips.


Key Features

1000 w and 1000 w Class D amplifiers

Defined and accurate 60° x 40° dispersion

Custom RAL colours available on request

Product Details


Internal Power Amps

Internal DSP

Usable Frequency Range (-10 dB)


Sensitivity Chassis 1w/1m

Max. SPL

2 x 12” Active Mid-High with integrated FIR-DSP, Reflex Tuning

1000 w + 1000 w

Full FIR-DSP with linear phase X-over and linear phase loudspeaker equalization

66 Hz – 22.1 kHz

60° x 40°

105 dB LF / 115 dB HF

134 dB cont. / 140 dB peak (frequency dependent)

Frequency Response (±3dB)

Dimensions (H x W x D mm)

Weight (kg)


System Controller

Input connection






Shipping Weight (kg)





Fitted as Standard


Additional Descriptive Data

Recommended Filter Settings.

82 Hz – 19.9 kHz

952.5 x 573 x 445.5


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Sym. XLR input, 2 x 10 K ohm impedance with parallel link out

Ohm DSP solutions

Internal multiband PEAK and RMS Limiter, thermal limiter and protection on amplifier

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2 x 12” Ohm Driver
1 x 1.5” Horn loaded CD

1.65 kHz FIR Filter
* All presets from the OHM library.

1 x XLR female, 1 x XLR male and 1 x PowerCON® TRUE1 connector

53.6 (1cabinet per carton)


White or RAL colours on request
Weather resistant version available on request

6 x mounting points, to take flying eyes, Foot and cup stacking system

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TH-1 Cast aluminium top hat, CPFK Recessed flying points.

CFEK Set of three flying eyes, TRS-212 dolly-board.

Birch plywood construction, with durable scratch resistant black polyurea textured paint finish, kick-proof steel grill and internal black foam with Ohm logo

Available on the download page View here.