The EOS is a fully integrated large format 2 x 12” 4-way line array system, designed for high output, linear coverage with perfect intelligibility. The high definition, detailed and smooth linear frequency response over distance is achieved with its unique design. High dynamic bandwidth, power and headroom capabilities all make it the definitive choice for the large project reinforcement of any sound genre.

All components needed to suspend the loudspeakers within the bespoke 4 point symmetrical flying system are integrated into EOS ensuring speedy deployment. This provides an incredibly quick and easily configurable array solution for large-scale sound reinforcement applications.

The EOS is an active 4-way design with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms for High, Mid and the Low frequency sections. Featuring 2 x 12” Neodymium woofers in a tuned enclosure and 4 x 6.5”neodymium mid-range drivers combined with 2 x 6.5” coaxial planar wave guides. This cabinet gives a usable frequency response of 46 Hz to 21.2 kHz (-10 dB) and an SPL of 147 dB per cabinet.

An exposed phase plug design provides a smooth linear response and a lobe free coverage over the entire frequency range. The waveguide generates a symmetrical horizontal dispersion of 100°x 10°vertical.

Made of high-grade Baltic birch plywood coated in tough polyurea ensures mechanical and acoustical integrity. A fully integrated 4-point rigging system designed with various angles of up to 10°per cabinet, which ensure a perfect acoustic coupling between multiple cabinets forming an array. Used in multiples of up to 24 cabinets per hang.

The rear cast aluminium recessed backplate plate has two integrated NL-8 speakON® connectors fitted as standard, one input and one link.

EOS Line array

Key Features

Hi-Fi grade components give extended 46 Hz frequency response

4 x 8 Ohm impedance

Advanced active dispersion gives 100° x 10° coverage

Custom RAL colours available on request


Use in conjunction with Eris subwoofer for extended bass dynamics

Product Details



Power Handling (AES) 

Max. Power Handling (AES)

Usable Frequency Range (-10 dB)


Sensitivity 2.83V / 1m

Max. SPL

Full Range 4 way Linearray module with phase plug controlled coupling waveguide incorporating all sources, Coaxial mid-high Planar wave sound source internally filtered

4 x 8 Ohm, Minimum 6 ohms @ 240Hz LF1&2 / 6.4 ohms @ 670Hz LMF / 6.7 ohms @ 1.56 kHz HMF-HF

400 W LF-1 / 400W LF-2 / 800W LMF / 320W HMF-HF(continuous)

800 W LF-1 / 800W LF-2 / 1600W LMF / 640W HMF-HF (program)
1600 W LF-1 / 1600W LF-2 / 3200W LMF / 2000W HMF-HF (peak 10 ms)

46 Hz – 22 kHz

100° x 10° per cabinet, up to 100°x120° in array depending on curving

103 dB LF / 104 dB LMF / 116 dB HMF-HF

132 dB cont. 138 dB peak LF
133 dB cont. 139 dB peak LMF

Frequency Response (±3dB)

Dimensions (H x W x D mm)

Weight (kg)


Recommended Amplification

System Controller

Speaker Cables





Shipping Weight (kg)





Fitted as Standard


Additional Descriptive Data

Recommended Filter Settings.

57 Hz – 21.2 kHz

370 x 1156 x 500


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4 x 2000 W @ 4Ohm for 3 cabinets in parallell

Ohm DSP Solutions

Min 2 x4 mm2,
Preferred 2 x 6 mm2

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2 x 12” Driver on phaseplug coupler Waveguide
4 x 6.5” Driver on phaseplug coupler Waveguide
2 x 6.5” coaxial planar wave source on phaseplug coupler Waveguide

Passive – 6.3 kHz internal on coaxial planar wave source with dispersion control phase response
Active – * LPF : – Hz HMF / 1130 Hz LMF 220 Hz LF
HPF : 670 Hz HMF / 250 Hz LMF 55 Hz LF
* All presets from the OHM library.

2 x 8 pole speakON® connectors

93 (1 cabinet per carton)


Available in white or RAL colours on request

2 x Flying Hardware sides for hanging or ground stacking

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Eos Flying Hardware

EOS-AF array frame, EOS-AF-TD Array Frame Dolly, EOS-TD Dolly

Birch plywood construction, with durable scratch resistant black polyurea paint finish with Ohm logo

Available on the download page View here