Cleo-4-8 Controller
  • 4 balanced inputs, 8 balanced outputs.
  • 40-bit DSP chip processing, supports 96KHz/192kHz sampling rate, 24bit AD/DA conversion.
  • Input processing includes high cut, low cut, 8 parametric equalizers, 3-band dynamic EQ, 31-band graphic equalizer, noise gate, gain, mute, phase, delay, linkage adjustment and other processing functions.
  • Output processing includes frequency division, 9 parametric equalizers, gain, mute, compressor, limiter, phase, delay, linkage adjustment and other processing units.
  • PEQ gain, bandwidth, and frequency of all channels are continuously adjustable, and the types can be selected: parametric equalization, low-shelf filtering, high-shelf filtering, low-cut filtering, high-shelf filtering, 1st-order phase shift, 2nd-order phase shift.
  • Frequency, Q value, and gain of the 3-band dynamic EQ of the input channel are continuously adjustable. The type options include parametric, overhead, low-price, and full-bandwidth gain adjustment. The threshold, attack time, recovery time, and proportion parameters of dynamic EQ can be adjusted independently.
  • All inputs and outputs can be freely assigned in a matrix manner, and the name of each input and output channel can be changed.
  • All input and output channels have independent phase curve adjustment functions. In the PEQ type, the 1st stage of phase shift is a 180-degree curve adjustment, and the 2nd stage of phase shift is a 360-degree curve adjustment.
  • All high-cut and low-cut filters, crossover types are selectable: Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel, slopes are optional from -6dB/Oct to -48dB/Oct.

  • The compressor threshold, soft knee point, ratio, attack time, and recovery time of the output channel are continuously adjustable. Independent peak limiter: threshold, start time, and recovery time are continuously adjustable.
  • The delay modules of all input and output channels have a delay time of up to 680ms.
  • Parameter settings can be freely copied between any channels, and any channel can be adjusted in conjunction.
  • You can see the PEQ curve adjustment graphs of all current input or output channels on any input or output channel.
  • Built-in test signal generator, the output mode can be selected from pink noise, white noise and 20Hz-20kHz sine wave signal, and the signal amplitude is independently adjustable.
  • The front panel is equipped with input and output level indicators, channel editing keys, system menu keys, and USB control ports. The back panel is equipped with 232 & 485 control ports and network connection control ports. One-click connection makes the user’s operation easier and faster. .
  • The machine has 20 user presets that can be stored and recalled, and the presets and machine parameters can be saved individually to the computer for backup, and then downloaded from the computer to the machine during use.
  • Independent ID settings can cascade 250 devices. By setting different IP addresses, the PC can search for multiple devices for debugging at the same time.
  • The device has an independent administrator password setting function. You can also set user passwords to meet different user permissions, making the system more secure and reliable.

Key Features

4 in 8 out
8 parametric equalizers
20 user presets

Product Details

Frequency Response

Dynamic Range



Total analog ratio


Maximum input level

Input Impedance


Maximum output level


Digital processing

40bit DSP





Dimensions (h x w x d)


20 Hz – 20 kHz, -0.3 dB


<0.005% at 1kHz (0dBu)

>88dBu, 20Hz-20kHz

>75dBu 1KHz

4 balanced 3-pin female XLR


Impedance 20K/Balance; 10K/Unbalance

Balanced 3-pin male XLR



24bit sigma-delta A/D, D/A conversion

96kHz/192KHz sampling rate

20×2 character LCD shows current parameters and all settings

95 – 250 V AC, 50-60Hz~

< 30 Watts

T 2 amp T

482 mm x 243 mm x 44 mm

3.1 kg (unpackaged) 5 kg (packaged)

No hardware available for this product.


D-100 Datasheet


100V Line Technical Data