Pro-A-Sync software

pro-A-sync is an acoustic simulation program for 3D modelling of Ohm’s current generation of line array, point-source and subwoofer cabinets. Ohm’s proprietary software combines complicated algorithms and speaker system design principles with an easy to understand graphic interface, assisting the user with many intelligent features such as Auto-Splay functions, Auto-EQ, and detailed analysis of frequency response, SPL & sound coverage. This allows forward planning of system architecture off-site and the minimum amount of setup tuning when commissioning the system.

Used in conjunction with our line array systems, this powerful tool gives vital information such as pick points for frame hardware, total hang weight and cabinet angle adjustment to create the spread you need for your project. Audience area, ear height, speaker position and even VIP area’s can be simulated within minutes, giving you clear, concise information on where and how to position your selected speakers and showing auto-EQ graphing to make DSP setup easy.

Key Features

Point source, line array and subwoofer acoustic simulation
Visual representation of system overview with acoustic simulation plot
Edit listener position, audience areas and speaker placement
Auto-EQ with customisable target EQ curve and reference position
Frequency response, SPL coverage and Auto-Splay calculations
Routing matrix and auto-EQ transmission to connected devices

Product Details